Hey! I'm Gillian, I'm 14, I'm from New Zealand which, for those of you who don't know is like under Australia. I'm pretty much and idiot half the time and if you want to know it's dinosaurs have scissors and if you want to know why... well, why not? So I like a lot of things my blog is basically going to be funny things (well things I think are funny), pretty little liars, teen wolf, vampire academy and basically anything else or any other TV show I will begin to like in the future. Please feel free to help me out by tell me which Tv shows or movies i should watch because I'm running out fast!! So yea... also if you want to ask me something go ahead I will not judge or tell. And I'll try to keep things positive. That's about it... Have a great day! :)
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- no one has our experience with gifteds. of course, we can’t just hijack the project from them. that would shatter their confidence.
- yeah, no. do not want to do that. no. or do we?
- fitz!

how you been holding up since she left? i’m  o k a y.